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Pedagogic content

  • Sustainable development
  • Renewable energy
  • Solar energy
  • Energy chain


Introduce the different renewable energies using document O1 and other resources.

New competencies targeted


  • Create an electric vehicle that works with renewable energy
  • Understand how solar panels and energy transmission work
  • Identify different sources of energy



Get the Soldrag® kit or similar material to build solar energy dragster.


The teacher introduces the activity presenting the electric vehicle and how it works thanks to his different elements corresponding to the different sources of energy.


The teacher divides students in 2-scholars groups and distribute one kit per group. The kit contains all parts of the dragster and they are grouped by type. It is important to not loose parts so avoid detaching them from the Propulso injection bunch before the use.


The teacher lets students start by the first step: ‘Power supply’ which goal is to assemble the elements that supply the energy through the autonomous system (photovoltaic panel).


Then, students carry out the second step: “Storage unit” which consist in assembling the elements that allow the storage or the accumulation of energy (capacitor).


The next step is called “Distribution part” and scholars have to associate elements that allow to manage the provision of energy (switch, solenoid valve (electric tap), dimmer light… ).


Then, there is the “Convert part” which consists to manipulate elements that allow the transmission, sometimes adapting it, of the energy that has just been converted (gears + plate + chain + sprockets + pipe).


Finally the “Transmission part” corresponds to assemble elements that allow the transmission, sometimes adapting it, of the energy that has just been converted (gears + plate+ chain+ sprockets+ pipe).


The teacher concludes the activity talking about the following concepts: “sustainable development”, “renewable energy”, “solar energy” and “energy chain”.

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Experimental activities
Target Audience: From 12 years old
Place: Technology class
Material need: Soldrag Kit® and documentation
engineering/technology classroom
Duration of Activity: IMPLEMENTATION:

2 - 4 hours

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: Purchase of equipment from A4 Compagny 8 rue du Fromenteau 91940 Gometz le Châtel Phone : 01 64 46 31 19 No authorization or registration required xa
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Topic of this Experiences: Energy: Production and resources
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