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Pedagogic content

  • Ecosystem
  • Biodiversity  
  • Food webs, food chain
  • Posidonia sea grass meadows
  • Gorgonian gardens  
  • Endemic species
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Natural heritage


Computer skills

New competencies targeted


  • Investigate marine food webs and trophic levels
  • Perform a research on a marine organism, and fit their organisms together in a class-created food web showing a balanced marine ecosystem.
  • Investigate the importance of posidonia sea grass
  • Learn the definition of endemic species



(In the classroom)
Students working in groups will create their own marine food web for two representative Mediterranean marine ecosystems. The Posidonia oceanica sea grass  medows and Gorgonian gardens, or deep-sea sponge fields


Each group will be responsible for gathering information and photos or videos about the two different habitats and the organisms that live in them


Students, in pairs, use the school computer lab and/or provided Internet resources to research their organism and complete their essay


Students create posters or ppt presentations by using various multimedia to present their results


All the posters /ppt  are displayed for the whole school community

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Exhibition, Information research, Project, Publication
Target Audience: From 13 years old
Place: Classroom, ICT laboratory
Material need: Pc,  mobiles, tablets, photos, access to internet , posters, printer
Duration of Activity: IMPLEMENTATION:

1 - 3 hours

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: HCMR (Education Unit)No authorization required
Note by Author:


Topic of this Experiences: Biodiversity
Additional resources: Pdf Version