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Pedagogic content

  • Human activities development
  • Tourism impacts
  • Coastal overvisitation


Knowledge on urbanization and coastal artificialization (O1 draft).

New competencies targeted


  • Identify and group human activities existing on touristic coastlines
  • Improve their ability to analyze spatialized information
  • Be aware of safety rules
  • Develop initiative and be independent



Collect exit permission from students’ parents to participate in the visit.


Get the access to computers for students or groups of students for the virtual tour.


Search a touristic coastal site for example the Promenade des Anglais in Nice (Méditerranée, France) and an old photograph of this site.


In the classroom


The teacher presents the chosen site as well as the old photograph to the students and asks them to use Google maps to find the location of the photograph. For that, students should enter the address of the old photograph and get into “street view” mode.


The teacher asks students to fill out the form below according to the observations for the two periods and then to think about the observed changes because of human activities, tourism and overvisitation between the time of photography (1900) and today in terms of landscapes, buildings, facilities, attendance.


In the context of a debate, the teacher organize a restitution of information with the students on the current activities and attendance of this site (observed during the virtual tour) compared to those that can be observed on the old picture.

On Site


The teacher starts the tour with the presentation of the chosen site and its activities (marina, tourism, leisure, shops).


The teacher asks them to fill out the form below for both periods observing the old photograph and moving around the site.


The teacher organizes a debate with the students on the current activities and attendance of this site compared to those that can been observed on the old photograph.

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Debate, Field research, Information research
Target Audience: From 12 years old
Place: Computer class or on site
Material need: Old photograph found on computer or resources
Duration of Activity: IMPLEMENTATION:

1 to 2 hours

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: CPIE Bastia U Marinu No authorization required
Note by Author:

This activity can be easily performed with even younger students (with some minor adjustments)

Topic of this Experiences: Coastline Artificialization
Additional resources: Pdf Version